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Temperature Monitoring and Management

With so much at stake, effective monitoring is SMART

“Exponential allows you to remotely monitor, audit and control your high and low temperature systems – while saving you energy and money.”

“We can monitor a wide range of variables and ensure that you meet all current and future compliance requirements, including those of the Medicines Control Council.” 


Temperature, humidity and more

Exponential can accurately monitor critical parameters in real time, including:

•      Temperatures
•      Humidity
•      Power and energy
•      Fluid levels
•      Doors opened or closed
•      Generators


Logging and Reporting

Store, analyse and back up data

All data is logged in databases:

•      Local, network or in the cloud
•      Meets Medicines Control Council audit requirements
•      Instantaneous data
•      Historical data
•      Dashboard data
•      Customized management reports


Alarms and Alerts

Critical conditions breached

View live dashboards and receive alarms and alerts including:

•      On existing alarm panels
•      Flashing lights and/or sirens
•      SMS notifications
•      Email notifications
•      Control room monitoring


Live Monitoring and Consulting

Stay in control with outsourced expertise

Off-site live monitoring puts your mind at ease that there is permanent watchful eye on your critical assets.

Exponential can also assist you to:

•        Develop temperature management policies and processes
•        Satisfy MCC and other regulatory requirements
•        Save energy and money while improving control
•        Access funding and incentives to implement solutions

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