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CORONA-19 Pandemic has Globally impacted our lives, organizations and operations.  Globally, we need to rethink our personal/group/organisational behavior to refashion and optimise our business operations to recover, become and remain sustainable. This is analagous to Energy Management and we can help advise to better plan, manage and optimise operations, utility energy usage and technology mix for lower and sustainable operational costs.  Contact us and let our experience and expertise help you make rands and “sense” towards becoming a more Locally and Globally sustainable organisation. 

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High Utility Charges and Operational Costs but unsure how and where to make verifiable operational savings

  • How to make no-cost operational savings?
  • How to optimize Utility usage?
  • Which renewable technology or mix is most appropriate?
  • Applicable to both individual and Developers of Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Estates?

Confusing Marketing, Tax and Grant Incentives, Carbon Tax, Tariff Structures, Building Regulations and how to Measure, Verify and Report

  •  We will match your requirements to the optimal energy mix which affords the lowest operational costs based on our Technology and Utility Model which Optimise your Operational Costs..
  • Our end goal is “From Meter to Board Pack” and a happy Client

Learn and Benefit from our Advice

  • Custom metering and AMR
  • Solar PV and Solar Thermal
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Thermal storage and load shifting
  • Battery back-up
  • Workflow changes
  • Tariff optimization






Energy Management

  • Culture change interventions
  • Energy-saving interventions
  • New process interventions
  • New technology interventions
  • Enterprise integration
  • Meter to Board Pack Reporting

Energy Modeling

  •  Needs analysis
  • Current situation
  • Desired situation
  • Solution  design
  • Solution proposal
  • ROI estimation
  • Project Agreement

Energy Metering

  • Install meters and server
  • Allocation of data (per cost center, building, division or plant)
  • Bill verification
  • Initial saving interventions (Low Hanging Fruit)

Energy Monitoring

  • Data analysis
  • Dashboarding & monitoring
  • Information conversion
  • Information aggregation
  • Cost allocations
  • Load shifting interventions
  • Energy audits
  • Historical & real-time data

Schneider Power Monitoring Expert

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Schneider COMX’510

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Contact and let us guide you relook, rethink, refashion and remodel your approach to sustainable profitable Energy Management

learn how to plan, optimize utilities and operations to save energy, save money and enhance your green credentials with lowered carbon emissions through professional energy management services